Clifford was turned into a rural county shelter when he was 8 months old. The rescue didn’t realize until he was back at their sanctuary that he could not use his back legs. He had severe luxating patellas that he had probably had his entire life. His legs were bent because that was the position that hurt the least. Clifford got around fine though - he would drag his back legs behind him or walk on his front 2 legs. I brought Clifford home to foster him and see if the orthopedic vet, Dr. Gallagher, could do anything to help…


Goofy and Smurfy

Smurfy (L) and Goofy (R) are Poodle/Chinese Crested Powder Puff brothers who came into rescue at 2 years old from a backyard breeder situation. They had not been socialized at all and would not let people near them. Because of this, they remained in a rescue sanctuary for 6 years! From Mom Jennifer: I brought Smurfy home to foster him hoping that I would be able to teach him to trust people enough to find a home. As he was very food motivated, I put his crate in the kitchen since food was the only way he'd come out. I…



Jack broke into the house, climbing the backyard fence three times and entering through the basement cat door, before his forever family finally said he could stay.  He was MUCH smaller then!  Once he had a steady source of food, he never looked back.  Jack loved everyone, person and animal.  He spent many years eating his folks out of house and home before crossing the rainbow bridge last year. See Jack's cards


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