Jack broke into the house, climbing the backyard fence three times and entering through the basement cat door, before his forever family finally said he could stay.  He was MUCH smaller then!  Once he had a steady source of food, he never looked back.  Jack loved everyone, person and animal.  He spent many years eating his folks out of house and home before crossing the rainbow bridge last year. See Jack's cards



Bones was hiding in a ditch in Johnston County, NC, where his Momma Dana found him. He had sarcoptic mange and was so skinny that he was named Bones (he also had a brother named Spock), but he was nursed back to health and ate like a king. He quickly became the life of the party – not only did he deliver beers, but his tail was always wagging and he happy whined A LOT, showing just how lucky he felt to be loved and cared for. See Bones' cards



Woody was found in Johnston County, NC, running alongside the road. Auntie Dana swooped him up, and then he was adopted by Stephanie and Will. Woody is a Chihuahua – Cocker Spaniel mix but is 100% Chihuahua attitude! He is all about getting his humans to make sure he is always warm enough, very well fed, supplied with plenty of squirrels to chase, and otherwise completely spoiled. See Woody's cards


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